Submitted without comment.  Well.. except for that comment.  And that one.  DAMMIT!!!

Trump Gun


This place is decidedly less funny now that it is clear that there is a line.


Another fucking idiot is stumping the box trying to scrub our mouths out with their politically correct piss water.

The Vince Vaughn clip here:

Fucking ridiculous.  The Vince Vaughn character even qualified the “gay”…not homosexual “gay”…but gay as in you want to suck another dude’s cock “gay”.

This PC bullshit all stems from the same thing: dudes who got their ass kicked in school and think that every one else on the planet suffered like they did.  Well get this straight:  most people developed thick skin.  I had an older brother who came up with much horrible names to call me beside “gay”.

So accordingly, here is a list of other derogatory names that are to be scrubbed from the minds of Americans so that pansy-ass wussy boys don’t have to develop a backbone:

Shithead, Dickhead, Stupidhead, Numbnuts, NoNuts, LimpDick, Pussy, Wussy, Sissy, Cocksucker, Asswipe, Butthole, Asshole, Cumbucket, Fartstain, Crabman, Maggot, Douchebag, Retard, Moron


Why do I care?  Seriously, why the fuck should I care?  My over-all capacity for caring has about been exceeded. If I actually cared less than I do at this particular moment in time, I would, more than likely, cease to exist.  Happily.

You fucking bore me, you are fucking tiresome and you are not interesting in the least.  I have had more interesting conversations with my cat, and he shits in a plastic box.  I’ve heard more fascinating conversations on the Belgian AM channel that skipped across the Atlantic thanks to some bizarre atmospheric anomaly, and I don’t even understand the fucking Belgian language.

I'm begging you, shut the fuck up!

I'm begging you, shut the fuck up!

But please, continue to bring the inanity.  Please, continue to waste the few remaining minutes of my precious life with your irritating tedium.  Please, continue to fill the internet with your amazingly mind-numbing blathering.

Seriously, I’m begging you.

Kindly. Shut.  The Fuck.  UP!

Thank you.

I love this blog.


The world is out of balance. It’s what makes it run.

Water runs downhill, forms into pools, we splash around like idiots…go home, go to bed, get up, and go to work the next day.

Ahhh…work. That place where the imbalance of the world is fully realized in the microcosm of the velvet cube.

Leverage: Positional advantage; power to act effectively

As you might be able to tell, I had a day where lack of leverage came fully to bear on your hapless moderator. Working for a small company, we lack leverage with a lot of major businesses We are small potatoes.

That’s cool. I get that. I understand my place in the natural order of things.

Just don’t humor me by saying that you give a rat’s a$$ about us. It’s insulting.

You can get this same feeling I’m describing by calling your cable company to question your bill. Doesn’t the envelope say somewhere on the outside that they care about you as a customer? It probably does. What response will you get if you call to question them? Not a very nice one. You lack leverage. What are you going to do, cancel the service? But then how will you watch GLEE? Or Jersey Shore? They don’t care if you cancel your subscription, they got millions of other suckers to make up for the $50 bucks a month they are losing on you.

It’s this lack of leverage, coupled with the fake smile of sympathy, that is so infuriating. I think it would be a lot better, civil even, if these places would just say this:

“We understand you’re unhappy, but due to the position you are in, we are not going to change our policy, and we really don’t give a s#@t if it upsets you, because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

At least then we would be dealing with each other honestly.

Many people seem to think the best way to combat this imbalance is to cry out for boycotts against retailers or businesses that treat us this way. Not me. I want to propose something else.

We need a National Fuck You Day.

National Fuck You Day would be a day when those who can display their lack of leverage in an acceptable graph or pie-chart are allowed to tell off those with an over abundant amount of leverage (whether it be bosses or corporations), while at the same time enjoying federal legal protection from getting fired or their services terminated. Conversely, those with leverage will be required by federal mandate to listen to the disgruntled peons without dismissing them, hanging up on them, or retaliating in any form whatsoever.

How awesome would this be?

“Thank you for calling AT&T, how can I help you?”

“Fuck You!!!!”

“Thank you, sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“…uh…Fuck You?”

“All right. Thanks for calling AT&T and have a pleasant day.”

“Fuck You!”


Imagine if we had one day a year where we could just vent. Yell at the top of our lungs. Have a “mighty yawp” at the people who infuriate us without suffering the inherent consequences of telling those who control every aspect of our lives what arrogant pissants they are. Come on, it’s what 99.99% of us want to do every day of our lives.

But until this glorius law gets enacted, I will do what we all must do, my friends: nothing.

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